Merchandising Services

It's no secret that in more than 60% of cases, the choice of goods, including medicines and parapharmaceuticals, buyers make directly at the point of sale. The issue is especially acute in the pharmacy business.

You can imagine the importance of merchandising, especially if you have invested a huge chunk of your budget in making your product a brand. This money can simply be wasted without organizing competent merchandising on the trading floor. Realizing this, some time ago we launched the “merchandising in the pharmacy, pharmaceutical business” direction.

Using internal resources, we are ready to provide a full range of services for the merchandising of medicines, dietary supplements and medical products. In turn, you get an additional, controlled by you tool for increasing the effectiveness of your business.

The basic package of services for merchandising offered by the IMTEK Company provides not only visits and inspection of the sales area of the pharmacy, equipment and showcases, but also a complete audit of the customer's products:

Call. We are ready to offer you the most relevant offers on the market.

Another priority of the IMTEK company is the holding of promotions and events.

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