HR Consulting

Sometimes, in order to move to a qualitatively new level of doing business, to quickly solve the existing difficulties with the staff, you need to look at the situation from the outside. This is a very difficult task, especially if you are a TOP manager or a business owner. That is why recently we have actively begun to develop the direction of personnel consulting in our Company. Areas for HR consulting - pharma and FMCG markets.

Personnel consulting (personnel consulting) is a type of activity that includes a set of measures for the analysis of personnel, diagnostics of the legal and clerical correctness of the preparation of personnel documents and proposals for eliminating violations (personnel audit), assessing the compliance of professional and personal competencies with the duties performed, the level of employee loyalty and etc.

When conducting personnel consulting, we assess the current state of the personnel system and its potential, identify the optimal proportions between management and executive personnel, and analyze the effectiveness of the human resource management system. This type of consulting helps to solve many issues of distribution of powers and responsibilities, selection of employees, building development prospects for each employee and all personnel in general.

The tasks that we successfully solve:

HR consulting provides:

increasing the efficiency of the personnel motivation system by optimizing it, taking into account the individual characteristics of the company and the needs of employees;
the formation of the corporate culture of the enterprise by analyzing the traditions, rules, norms existing in the company and bringing them in line with the strategic goals of the organization's development;
assessment of the company's personnel potential by the method of diagnosing the individual psychological characteristics of employees and groups. On the basis of the diagnostics, criteria and procedures for assessing the effectiveness of the work of personnel are developed;
increasing the efficiency of the personnel management system by identifying problem areas and values, as well as by unlocking the potential of individual employees and divisions as a whole;
Consulting on possible methods to overcome the identified problems.
The information received will help you develop measures for the development and improvement of the organization's management system.

The best solution in this situation would be to contact the professionals of the "IMTEK" Company, who are successfully working in the field of personnel consulting.